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About WhiskyDC

WhiskyDC is an informal group of aficionados of Scottish single malt whisky in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The group had its origins with An Comunn Uisge Beatha ("Water of Life Society") which disbanded in about 2001. Members of the original group re-organized into WhiskyDC in 2003 and continues the love of "uisge beatha!" Neither WhiskyDC nor its members are associated with any distillery or distributor and therefore share independent opinions. Members offer to host public tastings at their homes and the Convener selects 6 or 7 whiskies from the WhiskyDC inventory of 40 to 50 whiskies. Invitations are sent electronically via eVite. Each tasting participant contributes $15 which is then invested in the inventory. Private tastings are also available for special events. For more information, please see the Whisky Tasting tab.